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First Responders

My heart will always be with first responders, having been a volunteer firefighter for 5 years. If you or your department (Police, Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue) are looking into purchasing a drone, or want to contract out those services to a business, I am always available to help point you in the right direction.

Thermal Imaging (FLIR)

One leading advantage of hiring Remote Aerial for your job is our advanced Forward Looking InfraRed Camera (FLIR).

FLIR allows you to see through smoke and in pure darkness, using heat to make the picture. Whether it is Search and Rescue, Hazmat or a structure fire, our eye in the sky can pinpoint the missing person, leaking container, or hotspots in a matter of seconds. See a live view and also take photos or videos to use for later training events. Locate victims in floods or cornfields in minutes rather than hours.

Rapid Results

After arriving on the emergency scene, it is only a matter of minutes before we can provide unprecedented situational awareness. An eye in the sky can give you 3d visuals that are not available to incident commanders otherwise. Scene size up is dynamic, and can allow the IC to remain in one location but still see all sides of the structure, or determine the start and end points of a natural disaster almost instantaneously.

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