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Construction Support

What are your construction needs? Our aerial response vehicle can provide anything you need on site. Our pilots will show up in ANSI class 2 Level 2 visible clothing, with workboots, hardhat, eye/ear protection and pants suited for the jobsite.

Photo-Real Aerial Mapping

We can provide aerial maps to surveyors with estimated acreage measurements accurate to RMSE 4.7 feet. While we are not ASPRS certified, our data can be certified using a licensed surveyor.

Looking for inventory numbers? Let us provide you with stockpile measurements for your rock quarry on a quarterly basis. We can inventory the entire site with 1 visit and have results back to you in 48 hours. After flying the site, we can also produce a site photo of the entire property with 1in/px resolution!

Want to WOW your clients? Send them a link to a fully 3d photorealistic map in the middle of their construction progress. This is especially useful when the client or contractor is out of town and wants to see if all phases are being completed on time. Increase accountability and transparency!

Utility Inspection Photo/Video

Demolition Aerial Video

We will choose the perfect resolution for the job!

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